Mermaids are very mysterious mythical creatures that has bring curiosity to many generations up to now.

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite - we have this up in our girls' bathroom and it looks great against our vanilla ice cream paint color!

drawn from the moon: "Playing With Bubbles" - postcard by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

venusmilk: “ The Gateway to Spenser - Stories from the Faërie Queen Illustrated Frank Cheyne Papé The Mermaids discover Sir Guyon and the old Palmer in their boat.

howard pyle paintings | howard_pyle15.jpg

"Howard Pyle: American Master Rediscovered" featuring the Chapter One essay 'Pyle As A Picturemaker' by author and illustrator James Gurney

In Scandinavian folklore, mermaids are good-natured beings who sit on rocks and comb their beautiful gold hair.

The Mermaid and the Dragon illustrated by Warwick Goble from The Mermaid by Alfred Lord Tennyson