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A pair of concept/character development paintings of Coraline's Mother and the Other Mother. Done in watercolor and graphite.

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the-disney-elite: “ During early production on The Rescuers Cruella De Vil was considered for the role of the villain. This idea was quickly abandoned, as Disney was not interested in.

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Character designer Carter Goodrich has been working in the animation industry for eighteen years.

Sleeping Beauty's Lackey

Sleeping Beauty's Lackey

More Chanticleer

Here are a few more of Marc Davis' rough character studies for Chanticleer. I love the bewildered waiters and the painter. The imag.

Ken's and Milt's Shere Khan

Ken's and Milt's Shere Khan

Storyman Bill Peet had done just a few sketches of the villain from The Jungle Book before he departed from the studio.

thedevildraws:  Outdoor scenes focusing on the archetecture from Disney’s 1961 animated film, “101 Dalmatians”.

tdylan: “Amazing Backgrounds from 101 Dalmations Walt Disney Studios, 1961 Ken Anderson, art director and production designer ”