Ulaume by MarjaKettner on DeviantArt

Ulaume in the Parl by Daniel Perl Ulaume

Treetops by Julie Dillon

Asian inspired character, perhaps an elf, trying to catch magical essence treetops_by_juliedillon - Digital Art by Julie Dillon

Young-june Choi

Stunning Kingdom Under Fire II fan Art by Young-june Choi. Young-june is a Concept Artist based in Songnam, Kyonggi-do, Korea, South. Kingdom Under Fire II is an upcoming real-time strategy video game developed by Blueside.

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m Wizard Robes Cloak Rod Scrolls Magic Book farmland plains coastal desert ArtStation - Tristian portrait, Valeriy Vegera

Major Arcana IX by artofty on deviantart

Crazy mage casting a spell while his owl wigs out in the corner. Cliche since the dude is a dude, old and white with a long white beard, but it's fun and beautiful artwork anyway. MajorArcana IX by ArtofTy on deviantART

Wraeththu: Calanthe by livvydarling on DeviantArt (Liv Lingborn)

Cal from Wraeththu. Old stuff from Wraeththu Calendar wraeththu (c) Storm Constantine Calanthe