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blu-elettrico: ““ Statue of Achilleús Thnēskōn (Achilles Dying) The gardens of the Achilleion, Corfu, Greece ” ”

Michelangelo - Giuliano de Medici - photo © Aurelio Amendola

Name: Giuliano de Medici Artist: Michelangelo Year: 1479 - 1516 Analysis: marble; part of the decorative scheme of the Medici Chapel; lighting makes it look bigger Opinion: I like it, its very well put together

Head of Odysseus,  I century  b.C. / Sperlonga, Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Head of Odysseus, I century b.

East Pediment Of The Parthenon [British Museum]

Hestia, Dione and Aphrodite, from Parthenon east pediment - Classic Period (British Museum)

Inner Optics

Statue of Zeus at Versailles. Sculpted by Gaspard and Balthazar Marsy. Located at the castle Versailles. This statue shows the power and reverence of the Roman God Jupiter.


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Bust of Neptune LACMA Collections. #artist #art #sculpture

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Ulysses blinding Polyphemus, Sperlonga, Italy. www.italianways.com/ulysses-blinding-polyphemus-the-odyssey-in-sperlonga/

Head of Ulysses from the statue group depicting the blinding of the cyclops Polyphemus at Sperlonga, National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga, cent.

Epicuro, filósofo griego (341-270 a.C.)

Epicurus, Roman bust (marble), copy after Hellenistic original, century AD (original c. BC), "What is good is what is pleasurable.but avoid overindulgence which often leads to pain.