Rujalina by madalina andronic, via Behance

Rujalina - “Daughter of Frost and a forgotten hollyhock, Rujalina is Rozalba’s older sister. Raised in the gloomy light of late autumn, composed and beauteous. Sparkling magic powers, stardust and all. Cold, but oh-so-queenlike - by Madalina Andronic

Adoring this style. Constellation by madalina andronic, via Behance:

Constellation - series of small illustrations for postcards, by Madalina Andronic

frrmsd: Illustrator: Willian Santiago “Kalemba” | An Artist With No Artform | Bloglovin’

frrmsd: Illustrator: Willian Santiago “Kalemba” (An Artist With No Artform)

Sitting down

This is a quote by Chris Hadfield, a canadian astronaut, from his book that I am currently reading: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth. If you really fancy space expeditions, those NASA stuffs and.