Brief Guide to Common Painkillers -  Lots of neat chemistry infographics

Painkillers - how do they even work? Find out with today’s graphic, which looks at a selection of common painkillers, their structures, and their rough potencies. More detail & a bigger graphic here:.

Analytical Chemistry – A Guide to 13-C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) | Repinned by @emilyslutsky

In previous entries in the Analytical Chemistry series of graphics, we've looked at some of the tools that chemists can use to determine the identity of compounds in various samples, including infr.

The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is a concept that crops up with increasing frequency; we’ve already discussed it here previously with reference to the Periodic Table’s ‘endangered’ elements…

nomenclature guide

A basic guide to decoding organic compound names © Andy Brunning/ Compound Interest The August edition of C&EN — Chemical and Engi.