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i miss this. more than words can express.

I watched this part probably times just to look at all of their faces. I looked at Zayns 1 time, Liams the next, then Niall Louis and Harreh. Sooo funnny love this part! Nialls laugh is just so freaking beautiful.

Gotta Be You #1Direction

Niall took out his earpiece during Stereo Hearts and left it out. He smiled at the crowd and then he started crying :') Awww Niall.

Niall, Liam, Louis & Zayn at the studio in Miami (June (Louis looks sexy)

Messy hair ? Yeah that's me sometimes at home and did you say a loud laugher ? I'm a loud-laugher,you can ask my friends if you dont believe me

Yes I have messy hair and a loud laugh,so can I be your girlfriend now ?