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Which Way Books: Invasion of the Black Slime. Choosing between coloured doors - this ending was behind the red door, I think.

The Monster Under the Bed. I would take a running leap off my bed when I got up. I think that's why I store stuff under my bed. No room for monsters .

L'artista Sebastien Thibault crea delle ingegnose illustrazioni che commentano con puntuale acume il mondo in cui viviamo. Nel corso degli ultimi mesi, Thi

Based in quiet Québec, Sébastien Thibault expresses his talent on all the hot and controversial topics of the moment and get his work published in the most

Galleria di disegni artistici del Re della satira, Pawel Kuczynski. Metafore visive che fanno riflettere sulle contraddizioni dell'essere umano.

SATIRE ILLUSTRATION - Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski creates thought-provoking illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues through satire.

Art is often a mirror, reflecting the social issues and problems of the day. With the rise of ubiquitous Internet, smart phones, and other Internet enabled devices, being online all the time is not only possible, it's the de facto state for many. This list of satirical illustrations highlight some of the biggest problems with technology addiction. Which one has the strongest message? Vote on your favorite, or if we've missed an image that you think should be in this list, upload it below!

65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

Satiric Illustrations Of Today’s Problems Drawn In The Style Of The Really nice recipes.

Pawel Kuczynski, while not a household name in the USA, has won hundreds of awards in Europe for his incredible illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues. And...

Cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski Takes on Facebook with His Thought Provoking Art

The Black struggle has caused many people to loose faith in our government, and even though we see countless Black faces in political office today, that still does not mean that we've "made it." Instead, we

It's tough these days to convince people who think their votes don't count of how vital it is for them to vote in this election. If you know anybody who's expressed that feeling to you, please try to convince them that without everybody's vote, we could

Adrian Valencia

The many looks of lady Gaga — by the fabulous Illustrator Adrian Valencia. ADORE his retro style, & the colors he used for Mother Monster are spot on!

Asaf Hanuka

Asaf Hanuka, Israeli illustrator- About the growing tendency of parents and other adults to leave teenagers to their own devices.

More Disturbing (But Amazing) Pictures Expose The Absurdities Of Modern Culture *Warning: Graphic Images*

12 Disturbing Art Pictures Exposing The Absurdities Of Modern Culture – Well Healthy