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Neville was always a true gryffindor

the reason why Neville was a Gryffindor was because Snape hated him and he still went to potions :D<<<<<< nah man Neville was a gryffindor cause he was brave af but didn't do stupid stuff to show it

J.k.Rowling please write this...

Another possibility, I am kinda overwhelmed by how many posts exist about harry potter♥♥♥ <<Of, course, we are a huge fandom

So true!  I'm a Hufflepuff so I know how this feels!  But I do like cookies. :)

because we read the freaking books where the Gryffindors were non stop rude and never saw a rule they didn't break.<<< Kind of true but all houses had THOSE people. Same goes for real life.


Man you know something's up when two different franchises show to take care of it.<<<Jim Gordan teams up with Scooby-Doo and the mystery gang.

it makes sense if you think about it. they learned everything they needed in less time than everyone else so they got less time than everyone else.

James and Lily - young lives. And James didn't even start acting like an adult until post-Hogwarts. << it was all cute and nice then the last lines came

kinda true but I still love Snape...he's a conplex character and I don't think we should hate him for that

Seriously I'm so pissed about this whole Snape bullshit like honestly.>> yah Snape wasn't "the best man who ever lived"

Lily ended up with the right person.<<<Yes i hate it when people hate on James just because he made mistakes in the past. Honestly in the end he made up for it

Lets not forget Harry. Snape was totally willing to sacrifice Harry as well. Not just for Lily either.

I'm a Gryffinclaw, and when I leave a heated argument, I want to slam the door so bad, but I don't because later I'll get in trouble for chipping the paint XD

How to tell Gryffindor and Slytherin apart. i am total slytherin<<I am a Gryffindor

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Ginny (Weasley´s) Potter´s birthday- hahaha this family knows how to throw a bday party XD