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イメージ4 - 海洋堂 焔星の画像 - 黒室 - Yahoo!ブログ

イメージ4 - 海洋堂 焔星の画像 - 黒室 - Yahoo!ブログ

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The Sinanju (aka Sinanju, is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. It is the modified version of Anaheim Electronics's Sinanju Stein. It is piloted by Full Frontal (aka the coming of Char).

GUNDAM GUY: 1/100 Yoshitsune Gundam Barbatos - Custom Build

GUNDAM GUY: 1/100 Yoshitsune Gundam Barbatos

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20120226184528f91.jpg 630×488 ピクセル

I& been into full armour designs lately. Which is a first for me cos I& always preferred sleek, dynamic forms like the Exia.

GUNDAM GUY: MG 1/100 Neo Kyutaro Gundam - Custom Build

This is MG Neo Kyutaro Gundam Custom High Mobility Mobile Suit modeled by Jaechou. Originally taken from MG Sengoku Astray Gundam.

[閉じる] ガンダムアストレイ ブルーフレームD (MG) (ガンプラ) パッケージ1

A unit secretly constructed at Ame-no-Mihashira from the Gundam Seed Astray manga series. It features a DRAGOON body sword that can combine and separate into di

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