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If you aren't down to be my friend then bye. Don't waste your time and definatly don't waste mine.

don't waste your time and definatly don't waste mine. but like honestly if you aren't gonna try i'm not going to either.

Sure have ! Been there done that got the tshirt ! Couldn't pay me to be single again!!!!! pinterest ☞ @qveendaiisy

getting over the heartbreak, finding myself, keeping my grades up, staying close to the people around me, dealing with my depression & trying to be more positive ❤️❤️


Facts cant nobody call me hoe in hometown i like out of town dick


Im stuck in this triangle of figuring our who I am. cause atm i feel like im just camouflaging into everyone im around

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pain is when your slowly dying on the inside and your way too weak to speak about it, so you keep silent and suffer.alone.