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I don't have a drinking problem. I have a sophisticated wine ritual.

Pairing Girl Scout Cookies & Wine this is genius I just placed my order yesterday!!! Perfect timing :)

Wine Pairings For Girl Scout Cookies

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I think I forgot to eat supper 3 nights this week and just drank!

{Wine Must Have} Every gal's weekend collection - black pants, gossip mags & plenty of wine.

What Your Wine Choice Says About You

What Your Wine Choice Says About You. Its funny because my mom drinks her wine with an ice cube.

Wine level

End your hectic day by drowning out your troubles with help from the rough day wine glass. The novelty design helps you gauge how much wine to serve depending on whether you’ve had an easy day, rough day, or a “don’t even ask” type of day.

learn to love wine this much :D when I'm legally old enough to drink it, of course!

Wine does not make you fat, it makes you lean (against tables, floors, walls and ugly people)


Great article from Rick Bakas, humorous but educational and it describes American wine afcionados to a tee!