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I actually use these all the time

When ‘bro’ just doesn’t cut it…

Funny pictures about When 'bro' just doesn't cut it. Oh, and cool pics about When 'bro' just doesn't cut it. Also, When 'bro' just doesn't cut it.

Bob Ross  Loved watching this man paint.. just couldn't look at the painting all the time... couldn't get past the hair!

Bob Ross

The Rollercoaster Of Emotions Experienced While Viewing Bob Ross’ ‘The Joy Of Painting’


-Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Lol- <-- Just a note: people on any new laptop built can scroll down using two fingers on your pad. I doubt I even burned any calories when I scrolled. BUT THIS WAS FUN!

25 People Who Could Teach You A Thing Or Two About Flirting

I laughed. I groaned. 12 Funny And Stupid Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Groan At The Same Time…

And this is why I trip strangers in Target... this was the original comment. This woman's period makes her trip people in target lol

Being a girl. Why being a girl isn' t working out for me: Eit: rder. Oh. guess what time the month ls! Me: 'sitars, gott - Ovaries: ALL SYSTEMS Brain: I quit. Girl being

Op Reddit vroegen ze afgelopen week aan de gebruikers om hun favoriete animated gifs te kiezen. Dit zijn de 30 die het vaakst terugkwamen:

Dit zijn de grappigste gifs ooit volgens Reddit

35 GIFs Of Individuals Who Really Did Nail It. Haha what the heck, he is wearing multiple buckets on his head?

This is why I hate Justin is because he wrote this while at the Anne Frank house. She wouldn't have been a belieber because even if she lived through the Holocaust she would have died even before Bieber. And she probably wouldn't like Justin. And this is not funny because the Holocaust was one of the saddest times in history.

Justin Bieber visited The Anne Frank House…

Funny pictures about Justin Bieber visited The Anne Frank House. Oh, and cool pics about Justin Bieber visited The Anne Frank House. Also, Justin Bieber visited The Anne Frank House.

For finals we only could have one flashcard of notes, never knew how small I could write until I took a  p

teacher: Only one notecard should do. every other normal student: she expects us to use the whole notecard? me: *notecard filled with font and filled front and back with all the info* ready for the quiz