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Daryl Dixon is my kinda man, who rides my kinda bike.

“I just won "The Walking Dead" Season 2 on Blu-ray from THANK YOU! (That means more Norman Reedus for me!

I <3 Norman Reedus ever since he was in The Boondock Saints ..... good movie

Daryl Dixon: Keeps Getting Hotter. Daryl with Judith "Little Ass Kicker" Grimes.

Boys will be boys no matter the age. lol  Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson from The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, & Scott Wilson on set of "A". I miss Hershel but I'm looking forward to seeing Norman and Andy in action again.

#Zombie Outbreak? Perfect, I've been waiting to be able to hit my husband with a shovel.... Bitten? Um...Perhaps he was.

Psh,he's the expert zombie hunter. He'll make it to the end of the movie.