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Tiziano e bottega - Ritratto di Giulia Varano -  olio su tela - 1545-1547 - Galleria Palatina di Palazzo Pitti - Firenze

Vecellio Tiziano Giulia Varano Duchess of Urbino, , Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Giulia Varano Duchess of Urbino by Vecellio Tiziano.

Giovan Battista Moroni - Ritrtto di bambina di casa Redetti - 1570-1573 - Accademia Carrara di Bergamo - percorso Moroni

Children during the Italian Renaissance dressed quite similarly to women and men during this period. Seen here is a young child wearing ruffs and puffed sleeves, comparable to women's dress.

Brautpaar, Hausbuchmeister (Bridal Couple)

Brautpaar, Hausbuchmeister (Bridal Couple)

Eleonora di Portogallo e Francia, moglie di Carlo V

Eleanor Queen of Portugal and France, Niece of Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England,first wife of Henry VIII

never a wife more agreeable to his heart».- Lord Thomas Risly / "Besides all the successes of government ... after all these changes, the glorious destiny brought me to die in the arms of such a devoted wife"- last words of Henry VIII about his last wife. // Catherine died at the age of 36 from the childbirth of her only child, Mary Seymour. The last documents about Mary are dated by 1550, when she was 2. Though some historians have a theory Mary Seymour survived

My admiration for Henry VIII's wife Katherine Parr who survived, by Camilla

Allegedly Catherine Parr (detail): the Lambeth Palace portrait. Same pendant and pearl as the NPG portrait of Parr: look closely: green and red stones: different necklaces.

Eleonora di Medici; Her father was Francesco I di Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. She was married to Vincenzo I Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua.

Painting Associated with the Artist or the Worshop of Alessandro Allori (Italian Mannerist Painter, 1560 Eleanor of Toledo b.