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Glock 22 gen 4..... I think this is the gun I want next... :)

Glock 22 gen I think this is the gun I want next.

12.7 мм пулемет НСВТ  "Утес" на зенитном  станке на  вооружении морской пехоты

heavy machine gun on infantry tripod. on ZPU anti-aircraft mount. Caliber: mm Weight: 25 kg gun body, 41 kg on tripod with of ammo Length: 1560 mm mm on tripod) Length of barrel: 1346 mm Feeding: belt 50 rounds Rate of fire: rounds/min .

Soviet RPG-7 Rocket-propelled grenade Launcher

Soviet Rocket-propelled grenade Launcher - nothing says "Get off my lawn!

Mauser C96 "Broomhandle"

Mauser "Broomhandle" The inspiration and base for Han Solo's blaster

Resultado de imagen de m16 rifle from vietnam war

Deactivated Colt - Rifle SOLD A sad end to a warrior. The one I carried had no forward assist. Like I said old school.

Ametralladora AK 47: (un clásico de las guerras israelitas).

Armas(blancas ,de fuego, y entre ellas de guerra)

The experimental Kalashnikov assault rifle of also known as model (note that it has a small muzzle brake / compensator)

M4A1 Carbine (I didn't really like the weapon system. But, that's what we had.)

Terminator: Genisys - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games

Modded 1911's

The HERA Arms 1911 CPE Pistol Conversions are in stock and ready to ship out immediately. Increase your accuracy with the of contact you get with a pistol conversion.

Colt M4 carbine, current issue model with removable carrying handle, left side

Colt carbine, current issue model with removable carrying handle, left side

Military Print - Meyers Lexicon's ""JAGDGEWEHRE - RIFLES"" - Lithograph - 1913

Military Print - Meyers Lexicon's "JAGDGEWEHRE - RIFLES" - Lithograph - 1913

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