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SURVIVAL GRENADE | BY ZAPS GEAR http://www.blessthisstuff.com/stuff/wear/acessories/survival-grenade-by-zaps-gear/

Survival Grenade | By Zaps Gear

Gear Survival Grenade is the ultimate lightweight, compact personal wilderness survival kit. The Marine-designed waterproofed kit includes an array of survival tools to keep you alive in the wild, such as a steel shackle, compass, wire s

You want your car to be the bomb!? Get yourself a Dummy Hand Grenade Gear Shift Knob! http://thatsawesomeman.com/grenade-gear-knob/

This Pineapple Grenade Gear Knob is a dummy, and is definitely going to increase your cars standing on the Badass-o-meter.

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The Friendly Swede Survival Grenade Contains Everything You Need To Survive In The Wild. All of that wrapped inside the paracord "grenade"

GearHedz Shift Knobs, this is SICK!

Hot Rod Grenade Shifter Knob with an Attitude!Hit The Dirt!

Milkor SuperSix MGL 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher

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Dominate the battlefield as you assassinate lesser opponents with no mercy using the airsoft grenade launcher. This revolving grenade launcher will pummel the enemy with airsoft grenade shells that’ll have them screaming in fear for their mommy.

Survival gear in your backpack can't get much more compact than this.

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The Friendly Swede Survival Grenade Contains Everything You Need To Survive In The Wild, Or A Zombie Apocalypse. - Home Decorating Magazines