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Odra Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco, versione Fango...

Odra Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco, versione Fango...

Just look at that beauty of the wolf!

Acts like a husky but looks like and is as big as a wolf! Best dogs Ever! This will be my dog one day!


Gray wolves are such beautiful creatures. Many people hate them. Wolves are actually afraid of people and just want to be left alone.

Husky sleeping at red flower field. Photo by: Peter PrzybilleThe Amazing World Of Dogs In Photography

GREY WOLF....also called timber wolf....found in a wide range of habitats in North America, Greenland, Europe and Asia....a body length or 3.25 - 5 ft, a tail of 1 - 1.75 ft, weight of 35 - 130 lbs....the largest wild member of the dog family....coloring is mainly grey or brown....love to play when they have the chance....can “wolf down” 20 pounds of food in one sitting....jaw pressure, or biting capacity, has been measured at 1,500 pounds per square inch

A Mongolian wolf pup was born April at Zoo Zurich in Switzerland. Zoo keepers had prepared a den (with a hidden camera) for the first time wolf mother, but she used it for only several days.

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Honey graham human alpha male cookies - love 'me. Wolves delight, I wolf 'em down!

"Look, I'm a submarine!!!"

Dontcha kind of feel like he's blowing bubbles? submarine wolf, also it's kinda rare to get a pic of a wolf swimming so this is kinda awesome

Animal awareness

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: Young arctic fox. all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: Young arctic fox.