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Frugal DIY: Bird Baths

The View from the Porch: Bird Bath Ideas. I'd love a bird bath in the back yard. Though I don't think my beagle would be too friendly to our winged guests .

This tutorial shows a clever inexpensive way to attract birds to your bird bath. I'm going to try this at the back of my yard where I don't want to run a cord to power an expensive dripper. Definiately gonna have to pin some ideas to pretty this up though. Cool!

A dripper is a great addition to the birdbath in your garden. The sound attracts birds, and the rippling water prevents mosquitoes from breeding, making your

Found the idea online- DIY bird bath: stained dowel rods in the ground with a serving platter set on top.

Found the idea online- DIY bird bath: stained dowel rods in the ground with a serving platter set on top.

Teacup Bird Feeder - Dollar Store Craft

Dollar Store Crafts created this DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder for just dollars. Get the kids for this craft! They'll love making their own bird feeders & seeing them hang in the garden.

Transform old teacups, tea pots, pitchers, and saucers into a whimsical piece of garden art.

tea pot bird bath, crafts, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, I even thought about making it into a side table but I didn t find a large enough top


Use and old branch to hang your hose,so much nicer than the metal and plastic hose holders. I've used branches inside to hang purses on.

Find a pretty bowl or platter at the thrift store, glue a cast iron flange to the bottom and then screw to an iron pipe. Easy! A note from Rhyah: If your bowl is particularly deep, make sure to only put a small amount of water in the bottom so the birds can stand up in it. They won't bathe if they can't touch the bottom.

Darning Diva: DIY Bird Bath: Serving bowl/platter (round bowls with flat bottoms works best); Gorilla glue, scrap wood, rubber mallot (not pictured);

Make a Birdbath  Give birds a place to drink or bathe in your yard with this easy project. By Kate Carter Frederick

Make a Birdbath


For the BIRDS :: crystal birdbath by LindaArb image by sangaree_KS - Photobucket

DIY Bird Bath / Fairy garden by Beth

DIY Bird Bath

DIY bird bath tutorial - Learn how to create a beautiful DIY bird bath with this step-by-step pictorial tutorial! All you will need is an oil pan, PVC pipe, pump, and plastic tub filled with water! Post contains affiliate links.