Valentine’s Day…Inslee Haynes

Inslee Illustration Why this is so coat, hair in bun, black sunglasses, and heels. Oh and a letter. Basically summed up the picture.

Five Sisters Whimsy Pin | Fair Trade Winds

The Five Sisters Pin is a perfect gift to share with the special women in your life - your sisters, your best friends, or kindred spirits.

four queens

The four sisters best friends brisdemaid present art print by claudiatremblay…

Colores 1, Original de acuarela de paisaje, medio 15

Drawing Portraits - Couleurs Original peinture aquarelle paysage, moyenne 15 « x 22

fashion in watercolor

Watercolour Vintage Dresses ~ Artwork by Lauren Maurer I am blown away by the beauty of these paintings by Lauren Maurer. They just seem to capture everything that is wonderful about vintage dresses, in a style that exudes class and softness.

Varios estilos para adolescentes

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