Information Technology Humor | 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures: Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux

Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux: 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures

From the excellent Sticky Comics, the perspectives of Linux, Windows, and Mac users on computer updates. (via Sticky Comics) Related

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Five Stages of Programming Grief : totally went through this when i was coding my game for class! This is so Eric


Good Coders

Coding-is-easy Good coders know what they are doing programming, random changes…

Marketing creative can only be as good as the creative brief that went into it. Yet creative briefs are frequently one of the more overlooked parts of the creative process. Creative briefs are ofte…

A weekly marketing cartoon by Tom Fishburne since If a picture tells a thousand words, a marketoon tells a thousand boring powerpoint slides.

1Stack - XKCD Comics

Supported Features - I hear many of you finally have smooth Flash support, but me and my Intel card are still waiting on a kernel patch somewhere in the pipeline before we can watch Jon Stewart smoothly.

It's funny because it's true.

It's funny because it's true. Some programming humor to get me going.I will be returning to programming versus teaching because of the better pay so I can support my dreams and my children!