Ron Arad chair

Ron Arad - I find his items very unconventional and more statement pieces that cannot be used.

Ron Arad has designed the ToHA office complex in Tel AVIV which is due to be completed in 2018.  Once completed, it will be the tallest skyscraper in Israel.

"Ron Arad has incorporated his love of round arched curves into this chair, although it looks a little 'Dr Seuss' - red is the perfect color" Ron Arad - the Classic Arad chair

The Gifts Of Life

lobule chair (plastic) Armchair louble (plastic), the variation of the chair louble made of plastic, which lowers level of durability.

Ron Arad: Guarded Thoughts at the Friedman Benda Gallery » CONTEMPORIST

Furniture designer Ron Arad bring art and creativity. Chair with a round shape and the surface of the mirror

Diseñador y arquitecto Ron Arad

A lot of his work is characterized by his interest and knowledge in steel and curved continual movement and using more modern plastic materials. Product Design Inspiration - Incredible Biomorphic Shapes in Product Design by Ron Arad