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Mother cat with baby ducks and her kittens.What a beautiful photo! (KO) What a good little mama cat. Mothering what would normally be a prey animal. They are babies and obviously need a mama, so kitty steps in as substitute. Sweet babies all.

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The Maine Coon is probably one of the most impressive cat breeds, starting with its size. The photographer Robert Sijka, based in Hong Kong, decided to pay tr

Someone's comment on this pin was "I need to get it for my hubby so he can hate it from both directions!" Hahahha

Cat within a cat…

Funny pictures about There is a black cat in a white cat. Oh, and cool pics about There is a black cat in a white cat. Also, There is a black cat in a white cat photos.

SuperCat! (As seen on The Featured Creature Twitter.)

Cat Training Tips and Tricks Cat training tips to make the arrival of your new pet less stressful. You’ve done the most important part: you’ve scoured local shelters and found your new pet!

My cat Domino does this all the time with my top loader; it has a glass top!

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When we got our first front loader washing machine, i was like and we watched it just like that! i used to say "we don't watch tv, we watch the washing machine!

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Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds petMD--According to PetMd there are cat breeds that produce fewer allergens than others.