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1795-1805, Spain Linen, silk, metal Museo del Traje

Round Gowns—Daytime or evening dresses that did not open at the front to show a petticoat.

Regency era dress. Love the low back and the laces; so romantic!

Regency dress (shit, this whiteness makes me feel like I'm about to get married) - CLOTHING

Dress (left), 1810 Dress (center), 1815 Dress (right), 1805/1810 Münchner Stadtmuseum

3 of 4 dresses for a Smythe-Smith Quartet? More info: Dress (left), 1810 Dress (center), 1815 Dress (right), Münchner Stadtmuseum


Regency style Redingote, I'd like to create a mid calf version of this for myself. Maybe in nice deep forrest green

Dress with a paisley border, ca. 1810, Musée Historique de Tissu de Lyon

French dress of red net with high waist, puff sleeves, and Kashmir-inspired motif at the hem, in the posession of the Musée Historique de Tissu de Lyon. Regency, ca.

1808 Merry-Joseph Blondel - Portrait of Félicité-Louise-Julie-Constance de Durfort, Maréchale de Beurnonville

Fashion History - Early Century Regency and Romantic Styles for Women

c1812, Scotland Tartan silk dress.

Evening Dress: ca. A selection of tartan dresses will show a recurring international trend for tartan dress that emerged during the century from the widespread popularity of Sir Walter Scott’s Scottish-themed novels.


Silk cape, British, Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.