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Pygmy Marmosets, Peru Peru’s Cocha Salvador Lake is the place to witness the teeniest primates on the planet. Pygmy monkeys have babies so little (newborns weigh about half an ounce) that two can cling to a human’s finger.

Baby marmoset monkey on human finger

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This little guy is too cute! Newborn marmoset fits in the palm of your hand (Theo Heimann / AP)

A newborn marmoset fits in the palm of your hand! Animal keeper Sara-Joyce Fanke, holds a baby marmoset at the zoo in Eberswalde, Germany / Photograph: Theo Heimann / AP

This Baby Marmoset Will Melt Your Heart

Pygmy Marmoset - One of the smallest monkey! Amazing Wallpapers - Pygmy Marmoset - One of the smallest monkey!

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I don't know what that is... but I want two!

I don't know what that is... but I want two!

Good Day.

Oh, so cute!The Emperor Tamarin is a small species of monkey found in the forests of South America. It was named because of it's elegant white moustache, which is thought to resemble that of German Emperor Wilhelm.


Finger Monkey, it size is estimated as a finger. See here Finger Monkey funny & cute images-photos.

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The finger monkey or monkey finger or tinny monkey is the tiniest living primate in the world.