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Saladbowl Tjalf Sparnaay

Dutch photo-realistic painter Tjalf Sparnaay is another artist who focused on the painting of daily still life. Influenced by the Dutch masters Vermeer and Rembrandt, Tjalf created delicious portraits of food that are so detailed.

Tjalf Sparnaay Vlaamse Friet  2000

Junk Food Photorealism – 18 paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay

Tjalf Sparnaay painting: De Broodjes - 45 x 70 cm

ART: Hyperrealistic Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay London-based artist Tjalf Sparnaay is known for his near perfect oil paintings of everything from sandwiches and Coke cans to fries and.

"Mezze Maniche" - Luigi Benedicenti - Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

Luigi Benedicenti is an eminent photorealistic artist from Italy who is known for his photo-realistic food paintings.