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The Emperor Protects! The Emperor certainly keeps me busy fellow watchers and watcherettes. This is a personal milestone, because I fi. Apocalypse Now

Child in Time by NicolasRGiacondino

My dear watchers and watcherettes. Time flies when you're having fun, or otherwise up to your knees in work For me, it's the latter.

Happy Tuesday, dear watchers and watcherettes! mine was spent finishing this long overdue commission, which I hope fans of the Dark Millenium will enjo.

My dear watchers and watcherettes. I apologise for not being around much, but I have an incredibly steep workload I must sift through most days to eve. Rumble on

This is an illustration i did for an Announcement over at the wargaming forum WarSeer. I was publishing there a series of comics based upon the Warhammer universe, with much success;

My opposite image for the concept "brother against brother" A Khorne Berzerker uses the lethal combination of chainsword and power fist in the rage of a. Blood for Blood God

Happy Moon Day, fellow watchers and watcherettes! I'm going to do a double-feature today and the first illustration to go up depicts something that's no. Fast and Furious

Hello again, watchers and watcherettes. This is an odd bit from me. Not because it is Warhammer related, but because of the races involved in this terrible slaughter aboard a dying Dark El.

Fulgrim, The Phoenician. Primarch of the III Legiones Astartes, The Emperor's Children.

Stylized Portrait of Fulgrim, Primarch of the III Legion Astartes, the Emperor's Children

Two behemoth Warhammer beasts arise in artist Luc de Haan’s new World Eater / Ultramarine fan art illustrations. Related Rampage: Mass Effect Crew Warhammer by.