Home Sweet Castle

inspiration for the surrounding landscape of the capitol city / Mickaël Forrett’s matte painting for Horizon. Combining fantasy, waterfalls, cool tall towers, more waterfalls, and realistic looking land.

fantasy-art-engine:  A City in Flux by Dimitar Tzvetanov

I like the design concept for Levana's Palace with the white and then blue tribal-esk designs to it. creepy but beautiful metal runes building places

Imagens da Semana 39

Imagens da Semana 39

"The city on the edge of the world, they called it. The old folks would say that it was remembered for it's mysterious location and the foggy air that gave it the mystical atmosphere it possessed. Personally, I think that that is why it was forgotten.


Jamie_Ro_Concept_Art_Illustration_Dam Caldera temple city of lobos god of labor and public works

ronbeckdesigns:  Tobias Trebeljahr (via Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas)

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