Pink Eyes, por Galero

Inspirational Character Design by Borislav KechashkiBorislav Kechashki is Character Artist at Ubisoft. environment artist at Masthead Studios.

BONUS PIC - Alive For Art Inspiration | Artist interview w/ pics! Brett Bean is an award-winning illustrator...Head Study Of Two Alien Characters With Exaggerated Features

We hope you are all ready to enter in to the weird and wacky world of Brett Bean. Read the out of this world stories behind his characters, as we delve into his imagination and take in his fantastic sketchbook.

Las aves ilustradas de Denis Gonchar | La Jirafa Rosada

Denis Gonchar is an Illustrator and Digital Artist based in the Ukraine. He is best know for his very unique style of Vector, Painting and illustration Artworks.

SnowMonkey ronin by SC4V3NG3R on deviantART

I kind of like this picture for Hotah, the Vanara guide from the Wild Bunch Decanus.

Pinturas-de-robots-solitarios-contemplando-el-mundo (11). Para saber mucho más sobre bienestar y salud infantil visita

The Mystery of Flight by ~MattDixon on deviantART, golden copper brass robot boy sitting in tree orange leaves,tangled kite flying hanging on tree branch