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I would like an Armin ;)

Armin growing up as an adult. He will become the new survey corps commander

26 Gráficos que vas a querer en tener en un cuadro de pared |

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Cute huh?

OH MY LORD, SNK X PRODUCE 101 ok idk anything about the other thing in this crossover, but these boys look really cute and happy and happy Eren always makes me happy :)

Awww this is so cute! I wish there was a fanfic where they were school kids... If there is please link me... ;)

AoT/SnK Eren Jäger, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlet school kids

Attack on Titan

The feels. I cried when Petra died, basically when the Levi squad died, IM GETTING TEARY EYED. But seriously tho. Does anyone else notice that dab?

Eren vs Titan Colosal. Attack on Titan by Paolo Rivera

Eren vs Titan Colosal. Attack on Titan by Paolo Rivera

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|Shingeki no Kyojin | Honestly I don't think that we need any more people to die but there is some unlikable characters.|

Who are the Worst Attack on Titan Characters?

There are some amazing characters in the Attack on Titan anime series but also plenty who need to die ASAP. Here are some of the Attack on Titan characters that have to go NOW.