Chrononauts Vol.2 by Sean Murphy *

Chrononauts by Sean Murphy *

Thunderer: Iron-clad dirigible by Vadim Voitekhovitch, [Deviant Art]

The Coolest Airship Pictures You've Ever Seen

laljipota: “Outstanding steampunk oil paintings of Airships by German based artist Vadim Voitekhovitch.

Steampunk fountain...this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen

so cool looking, dieselpunk fountain some would argue steampunk, however there's a noticeable art-deco styling.

Illustration by Nicolas Fructus / steampunktendencies

Illustration by Nicolas Fructus / steampunktendencies I had a dream that i was on an airship just like this one!

BATMAN page 1 by ~seangordonmurphy on deviantART

Sean Murphy doing a Get Roxy Rocket story is genius! His chases are unparalleled for the new Batman: Black & White


hellboyfansinhell: kristaferanka: a Hellboy piece I made for Multiversity Comics’ 31 days of hellboy celebration for 20 years of Hellboy.