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the beginners guide to Making Jason Grace Blush, by piper mclean

This is a perfect way to show how a charector changes. Nico you were so cute and adorable when you showed up in The Titan's Curse. I loved you from that moment. Even after you changed from that adorable little geek to the perfect  son of Hades

:((" D looks at it and says "Nico changed so much!" I think the same when I look at her preschool pictures.

#wattpad #de-todo Chistes de percy Jackson... Y algo más No me hago…

Chistes,Datos Y Frases De Percy Jackson Y Los Héroes Del Olimpo - Su Tipo 4/20

I love this scene

I just finished the book The house of Hades by Rick Riordan it was pretty cool now m reading the next book. Rick your awesome. I recommend this series. Anyways loved this part where leo meets calypso.


"Nico glanced inside my room. His eyebrows furrowed. Is that blue birthday cake? He sounded hungry, maybe a little wistful. I wondered if the poor kid had ever had a birthday party, or if he'd ever even been invited to one. (c) The Battle of the Labyrinth

Bianca protects Nico

Bianca is very protective of her Mythomagic-obsessed little brother, Nico. I thought he didn't have an aviator jacket then.

Moment horrible pour nico, moment d'incompréhension pour hazel et moment de '' je l'ai sur le bout de la langue '' pour percy x)

viria: The boy regained his composure and held out his hand. ‘Pleased to meet you,’ he said. ‘I’m Nico di Angelo’. (c) The Son of Neptune! This part made me so mad! I'm just like just tell him u idiot!

I'm sobbing right now, this is so accurate Sometimes i feel now a days this is impossible

I will forever love all the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson characters. I will always have a crush on Leo, but still.I SHIP CALEO SO MUCH!

Leo Valdez images Leo and Rachel wallpaper and background photos ...

Leo Valdez and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Cute, but I don't ship them. I ship them more then Reyna/Leo but. It'd seem almost TOO Disney-perfect-ending if Leo got a girl.

Nico I want to be ur shadow

Aw Nico D: <<---omgs, im literally listening to this song right now and was thinking about how it relates to nico.<<<except that he doesn't have a shallow heart.