That's a lot of Tide though

Though the movie is totally INCORRECT, it is quite good, but I still prefer books to movie, as will any PJOO. Still, I won't really call the movies 'crap'.

holy hades!! its nico!! Also I love Supernatural----- I dont even watch supernatural but thanks to tumblr I knowa lot.

its nico! Also I love Supernatural-----guys I'm watching this episode now and I thought "hey I've seen that guy before" and sure enough I found this pin. He really does look like an older nico!

Percy Jackson and the time they sailed around a lot Percy Jackson and Zeus's trust issues  There's books four and fivw

The heroes of Olympus series 4 And the house of that death god. The heroes of Olympus series 5 And the blood of every fangirls' heart


There's only six people in the picture including Leo soooo.<<<Frank is that guy behind the barrier as far away from Leo as possible b/c his stick I guess (before Blood of Olympus)


Funny ‘Cards Against Humanity’ answers (33 photos)

Reyna is hilarious

Don't ask how the seven main demigods got warped to the vision Jason had about the encounter between the romans and Rachael and Grover. Seven little monsters