Photo only, textiles in history website. Has a stitch vocabulary. twisted lattice stitch.

old fashioned embroidery techniques


Cretan stitch variation - Featherstitch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

english: petal chain german: Margeritenstich, einzelne Kettenstiche

CHAINED STITCHES: vocabulary Petal Chain Stitch design by Mrs. Christie London Various forms of chain stitch on this site!

vocabulary 3

Tina's handicraft : 145 embroidery technical for beginners

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Wheat-ear stich and detached wheat-ear stitch. - It is formed of two rows of spikes with a Chain stitch between. To work, draw three parallel lines as a guid

great fill stitch to try

(32) Одноклассники

(32) Одноклассники

DIY Decor

Illustrated Cross stitch, Needlecraft and Embroidery glossary. Section R: Radiating stitch to Rya stitch

vocabulary 4 50

Embroidery terminology and tutorial: part 4

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Stitches in Embroidery

The website is an excellent stitch reference - Basket stitch

Stitches in Laid Work - Plaited Stitch

Beautiful woven embroidery stitching inspiration for embroidery

Bustle and Sew: What's black and white and read all over?

GREAT Embroidery fill stitches from old embroidery book

Brezilya Nakışı Teknikleri , #brezilyaişi #brezilyanakışıdesenleri #brezilyanakışınasılyapılır #brezilyanakışıörnekleri , Brezilya nakışı teknikleri ile ilgili çok güzel bir galeri hazırladık. Tohum işi nasıl yapılır ve tohum işi örnekleri. Rokoko gül nasıl...

Brezilya Nakışı Teknikleri

A brief example of some hand embroidery stitches - not much for pin but some good links

Stitching // omg @Julia this was the final push to inspire me to start embroidering, tooooooo. Going to the craft store tomorrow.

Wendy Schultz Different stitches used in all forms of Sewing via kootoyoo onto Sewing/ Needlework and Embroidery.

This would be a gorgeous edging on cuffs or around necklines.

Eskimo laced edging, embroidery tutorial - being creative with basic stitches