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"Treasured Past" by artist Alexei Butirskiy

Alexei Butirskiy

"Solid Rock" by Alexei Butirskiy. Alice Cooper played on a gramophone. "I really wish I could afford this - Solid Rock was selling prints to help the organization.

Ao entardecer !

Alexei Butirskiy Rainy Days and Mondays

Натюрморт с совой

Натюрморт с совой

работы Алексея Бутырского – 06

Artist Alexei Butirskiy Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

Doug Knutson

In Doug Knutson's print JURIS PRUDENCE a vintage lawyer's desk reflects simpler times-few law books, reading glasses, a gavel, an oil lantern by which to work.


macarons books {age old tree : ann whittaker} Viksmoen Marie Forsberg White


by Alexei Butirskiy

“No hay felicidad o infelicidad en este mundo; sólo hay comparación de un estado con otro. Solo un hombre que ha sentido la máxima desesperación es capaz de sentir la máxima felicidad. Es necesario haber deseado morir para saber lo bueno que es vivir”. | El conde de Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas

books and coffee, maps and portraits, beautiful light and a beautiful life

работы Алексея Бутырского – 04

Paintings by artist Alexei Butirskiy


Old era Portraits

работы Алексея Бутырского – 05

Alexei Butirskiy – Midnight Glow - oil on canvas

The Steampunk Home: Faux Bookshelves

Real bookshelves co-mingling with wallpaper

MacLeod's Books ~ Vancouver, B.C.

A bookstore with a kitchen n a bed will be the perfect home!




a fan of the dark sophisticated aesthetic