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Knot Tying visual aid - 40 knots - handy to know for camping, moving stuff, etc.

A fascinating infographic on how to turn a cell phone into a survival tool.

Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Survival Tool

Engineers love making things and technology. And when we recently stumbled on an infographic that tells you how to upcycle your broken mobile phone parts into survival tools, we knew we had to share — immediately! Mobile phones have become […]

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Self Defense Tips

tips for self defense when you're not a self defense expert. Gentleman's technique for self defense

bark aspirin... need to get some of these trees in my garden... at the very least, know where there are some in the neighborhood!

Make Aspirin if You're Lost in the Woods

How to Make Aspirin From Bark Perhaps the greatest medicine ever invented by man is aspirin. Here you will learn how to make your own aspirin in the wilderness. Everything you need to survive is provided by nature, often in quantities so vast they may

Post with 2554 votes and 298836 views. Fourty ways to tangle your headphones up much more efficiently

Edible mushrooms

Edible mushrooms with description. Well we have oyster mushrooms available for you to grow at home. It's fun to see them grow. # Healthy Eating Solutions Ltd

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Anchor Bend used in sailing

Interesting facts.

The Limits of the Human Body

Limits of humans. i swear i'm not a serial killer i'm just a writer. <-- isn't that basically the same thing. Pinning this for the info AND the comments^^ I'm not a serial killer, I'm a forensic scientist

And I've tripped and fallen into some of the crazier pins. Down the rabbit hole into doomsday prepping.

How to easily escape if you’re being held captive… Walters Walters Anne for our zombie apocalypse days with the Governor. I think we found the wedding band! Wouldnt the saw cut u though

http://www.paracordist.com repin : mooring hitch #knot Quicky release knot, could come in very handy...

Mooring hitch - Quicky release knot, could come in very handy.