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The work of Emily Dahl from Stockholm. Please remember to pin from her website directly and credit her as photographer.

Francesc Català-Roca

Francesc Catalá Roca - The Shadow of the Wind: Photography. Signed and authentified by the author's son: Martí Català

Reflections by Maja Topčagić on 500px

Reflections by Maja Topčagić on 500px

Biografía, trayectoria y fotos del fotógrafo Yasuhiro Ishimoto. Repaso a su…

Yasuhiro Ishimoto, el fotógrafo cronista de las calles de Chicago y Tokio

Matthias Luetolf, National geo photo contest...

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - CITY BIRDS (Places) - Strolling through downtown San Francisco during our vacation, the birds sitting on the wires and skyscrapers in the foggy background caught my attention.

Amazing light & shadow, black & white photograph!

Ikko Narahara

奈良原一高 (Ikko Narahara)

こ、これは僕らの住む世界なのか? 神の目が引き剥がす秘匿 奈良原一高

Ikko NARAHARA :: Within the walls, Wakayama, from the series "Domains", 1957