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Amen to the cowgirls out there!! #cowgirl #country

The only problem with this is that the girl is not wearing a cowboy hat, she is also wearing skinny jeans and weird boots.

You can't put on some boots and magically become a cowgirl. You have to earn those boots! It's all about what's inside.

It ain't the clothes that make the cowgirl. it's the attitude and heart. My kota's sure got the attitude and heart!

i like this, may not all be me, but i like this.

Cowgirl Attitude -- 3 things are important to know in A strong Cowgirl may want her a cowboy but she never NEEDS one. When the going gets tough you Cowgirl Up and take it on. It's not the clothes that makes the Cowgirl it's the ATTITUDE and HEART!