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Very Depressed Cartoon Breakfast Sticker, thedurrrrian:   Concept work done for “The Roots...

RPG Brainstorming : thedurrrrian: Concept work done for “The Roots." poc fantasy, black male knight with magic gauntlet

shev.maksСтранные Вы какие то питухи

The Forsaken Armour (but with more skull and bones painted in fluorescent paint and/or white paint) (inner city FRAGS - "fragment gangs" they are like cockroaches because they are everywhere in the concrete jungles.

(A possibly much older Karl Westforge)

a guild for gravediggers and pall bearers in Casavir, aided by the priesthoods of Morag and Daruroa. Their premises is the Sepulchre Funeral Home in the Guild District. Their doyen is the halfling male Benn Tall-Rake.

It's a character for Blaze!!!

ArtStation - Concept Art Workshop: Creatures in Costume Class Demo, Jerad Marantz

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Alien CYOA

your eyes snap open and you sit upright in your bed, a cold sweat drenches your forehead, your heart pounding. you look around the room Just a bad CYOA