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SOG BladeLight

SOG BladeLight - With its 6 built-in LEDs that illuminate the blade with 30 lumens for safer more accurate operation after sundown, the BladeLight Camp Knife from SOG features a stainless steel blade and a glass-reinforced nylon handle.

Horizon MiniPAK Gadget Charger -  acts as a miniature power plant, converting hydrogen into electricity and charging consumer electronics in real time. It pulls in oxygen from the ambient air through vents and releases stored hydrogen into the fuel cell at the same time. That electrochemical reaction produces an electric charge, as well as a small amount of water, which is released as vapor.

Horizon has announced a new gadget, a charger that utilizes fuel cells using hydrogen which is more cheaper than any other charger. The MiniPAK gadget charger

rogeriodemetrio.com: Coleman Multi-Ferramenta Lighter

Coleman Multi-Tool Lighter Sure, you can use your lighter to pop open beers but Coleman’s multi-tool lighter adds a few more tricks. It’s a refillable weatherproof torch that also sports a stainless steel knife, can opener, saw and file.

A New Flexible Keyboard Features Clickable Buttons | MIT Technology Review

Shape-Change Polymer Gives Surfaces Clickable Buttons

A Flexible Keyboard with Buttons That Feel Clickable Transparent, shape-changing plastics could make touch screens and keyboards that stimulate users’ sense of touch.

Now that would be handy. With the cover, you don't see the fact that there's a combination there. That's where I'll put the GPS tracker when my kids start driving. THIS IS JUST PURE GENIUS!

Gruntline Multifunctional Elastic Cord

Gruntline™ Multifunctional Elastic Cord - looped a few times and attached to the D-rings on the outside of the Pack Rat.

USB fan clock #gadgets

LED USB Fan Clock

Funny pictures about USB Fan Clock. Oh, and cool pics about USB Fan Clock. Also, USB Fan Clock photos.

So I like this but not for the asking price. It's basically a pocket knife with a belt clip that you can use as a money clip... Genius? Not so much...

Money Clip Folding Knife by Spyderco

Tritium Lantern 2A Paracord (Silver/Brass/Plastic) 3d printed

Tritium Lantern 2A Paracord (Silver/Brass/Plastic)

Check out Tritium Lantern Paracord (Silver/Brass/Plastic) by Tofty on Shapeways and discover more printed products in Keychains.

This is the only flash drive that enables you to transfer or view files from a computer on an iPad or iPhone. The device plugs into a Mac or PC's USB port, holds up to 16 GB of documents, photos, videos, or music, and connects to an iPad or iPhone, allowing you to transfer the files or simply view or listen to them on the mobile device.

The Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive GB) - Hammacher Schlemmer. Ignore the Apple warning that this flash drive is not "authorised" and may not work properly.