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printable nesting dolls - to colour, to leave with a sub perhaps? or create your own non printable nesting dolls with paper cones. would be a great addition to Geography's Russia unit

Un calendrier de l'avent poupée russe à imprimer

calendrier de l’avent poupée russe à colorier

printable stacking dolls -- the site is not in English, but the graphics are self-explanatory

DIY : Le plus beau des calendriers de l'avent | Le Meilleur du DIY

DIY Le plus beau des calendriers de l'avent

calendrier de l'avent village russe

Mon calendrier de l’avent sera russe

Pour changer du collier de pâtes !

Make snails with colored pasta, clay and wire. (The instructions to make these little escargot are in French, but the picture is pretty self explanatory)

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cityscape elementary art lesson - I love the black line drawing against the richly colored skies.

Color It Like you MEAN it!: 2nd grade

Color Wheel Umbrellas - for a raindrop effect, add lots of glue dots and then hang dry to make long, clear drips

russian dolls Matrioska- Matroschka- Matriochka- Matrjosjka- russische Puppe Matroesja- Russian Nesting Doll   www.matrioskas.es

Russian nesting dolls: There are many theories as to why the name of Matrena (Matryoshka) was chosen for the original Russian dolls.


HALLOWEEN ART LESSON- Spooky Houses in Watercolor & Oil Pastel. Here's a great Halloween art lesson for any grade level. These Spooky Houses can be easily adapted for grade and up.

Paper Mache hot air balloons. Such a fun idea and would make a lovely display all together. Literature integration: Around the world in 80 days

Make your own papier mache hot air balloons. Could use raspberry or strawberry baskets on bottom.