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Tokyo Kushu/#1749755 - Zerochan

They all seem so happy at Anteiku and then someone from the CCG or Aogiri comes and messes everything up.

I am...a ghoul. Oh they made it seem so fine in the anime, but holy crap it was so violent in the manga!

Always prefer manga, it looks better/detailed^^~ Tokyo ghoul

Kaneki and touka

Kaneki and touka ils sont tellement beaux tout les deux


Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki is perfect, in my opinion this anime should have a third season . By: Magancito on DeviantArt☺

Ken & Touka | Tokyo Ghoul

Ken & Touka | Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki

Browse Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul collected by senpai baka and make your own Anime album.

Tokyo Ghoul uta

Tokyo Ghoul ~~ A remarkably vulnerable image of Uta. :: Come to think of it, I wonder how we'd react if Tsukiyama was after HIM instead of Kaneki. Interesting thought.