Trident maple - about 35 years old

REBS 29th Annual Show - Dupuich

thestaletasteofrecycledair: “ Trident Maple which the content source describes as Bonsai, but I think looks to be Penjing. Although I am not an expert in both art forms, I think that the incorporation of rocks into root system seems to be Chinese but.

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The speaker for July's club meeting is Simon Temblett and I understand the topic is to be "driftwood creation". He's a long standing member.

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RP: Benjamin Ficus Tree -

Exquisite Artwork Stone and Benjamin Ficus Bonsai Tree

Em 1967 Mr. Wu Yee Sun um dos artistas mais famosos em Penjing e de uma família tradicional de Bonsaistas da China, fundou o jardim Man Lung  em Hong Kong, com a proposta de junta…

Mestre – Wu Yee Sun (China Penjing)

石付盆栽 bonsai on the rock • Posts Tagged ‘石付’

ヤマモミジの石付盆栽 Yama-momiji bonsai on a rock 撮影 T-shirt (white) T-shirt (black)


Because Japanese bonsai art was born from Chinese bonsai they both have a lot of similarity that makes it sometimes quite difficult to distinguish.