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Life With Dogs's photo: A picture of a golden retriever puppy in his pajamas has become an internet sensation. That puppy’s name is Ray Charles and he was born blind. He was almost put down until Andrew Fales came along and rescued him and helped turn him into an internet sensation.

a golden retriever pup in pajamas = cutest thing ever OMG! I can't even with those PJ's!

retriever/Husky mix

Golden/Husky Mix, I dare you to show me a cuter puppy. [this definitely isn't a golden/husky mix. or at least, not only golden & husky, but adorable nonetheless!


Golden Retriever puppies in a basket! The mom is riding the bike with her baby (babies) sitting in the basket!

This is Bailey Rae a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. Such a cutie!!!

SO CUTE. german shepherd / golden retreiver (this is what my dog would have looked like when he was a baby! He's also a german shepherd/golden mix)!


My cousin's Golden Retriever puppy, Dusty.

Funny pictures about Bad Day? Here's An Upside Down Golden Retriever Puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Bad Day? Here's An Upside Down Golden Retriever Puppy. Also, Bad Day? Here's An Upside Down Golden Retriever Puppy photos.

Another Use For That Baby Carrier. i've always wanted to do this! it would have to be a bit bigger carrier though

Another Use For That Baby Carrier

puppy time out. I'm serious. Molly can be a bitch to Buster. She gets a time out and then goes and makes up with him.

Can we getz a bigger swimmy pool?

yes i will get you a bigger swimmy pool because you are cute and sad looking. -Diablo neeeeeds a swimmy pool!