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Buy The original YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings by lizglizz on Etsy at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Mooie oren

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The Carrotbox - glass rings, plastic rings, lucite rings, stone rings and other non-metal chunky cocktail rings

The octopus, with its eight writhing tentacles and otherworldly appearance, has fascinated and inspired mankind since we first explored the oceans. While we may no longer write myths and legends about tentacled sea beasts, these modern octopus-inspired household designs are enough to inspire a dread of the deep. Some of us might not feel comfortable …

22 Octopus-Inspired Design Ideas

Bronze Octopus Ear Cuff by martymagic on Etsy I love octopuses!

sommelier,  Cthulhus' second job.

beautiful, bottle, ocean, octopus, sea- Something to keep your Kraken Rum in - Sculpture by Elstwhen.

Foxy Bite Ears,fimo, handmade,hecho a mano,polymer clay,come orejas,earrings,zorro,animal

Earring inspired in foxy simulating biting your ear, this cute design is completely handmade and the composition is polymer clay

Original Super Mario Piranha Plant Chomper by MajesticEncounters

Old School Mario Bros. Chucks Best cosplay ever! Super Mario Piranha Plant Chomper Cuff Earring Father And Daughter Go Back To The Future Fo.


Earring inspired in Stitch simulating biting ears, this design is completely handmade and the composition is polymer clay