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That hit me sooooooo hard considering I know all there back story's

The Anime Quote Book - 2. Fairy Tail Quote

Wisely said here. From Fairytail (Hiro Mashima). I don't watch this Anime but I really like the quote.

What It Means To Be In Fairy Tail, and I want to be fairy tail!

people who will not only stick by you through your pain and suffering but also embrace it as if it was their own we are all of the Fairy Tail guild


The ones with the brightest smile and the loudest laughs has the most painful past: Rin - Blue Exorcist, Natsu - Fairy Tail, Luffy - One Piece, Ichigo - Bleach, Naruto - Naruto

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Life can be hard sometimes. Remember to keep trying.

In life experience is the hardest type of teacher: it gives you the Test first and the Lessons afterwards.

I know I have done this to you Cassy, and it is hard to win you back; but I will love you just as much as you used to love me and restart our relationship over from the start so we can make things right!

Bara wa akadesu Watashi no namida was aodesu. Anata wa watashi no kokoro o kowashita. Demo, watashi wa anata o mass aishitemasu.