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Vintage cigarette ads have nothing on vintage soap ads. Old soap ads are quite possibly the most racist/ridiculous advertisements ever.

Victorian c.1910 Black Americana Valentine Postcard ~ Girl in Flowers

Sterling Silver Quartz Pear Dangle Earrings

Black Americana Valentine Day postcard

Racist Americana: Valentine Day postcard, "Pretty Chocolate-covered Sal, Won't you be my honey-gal? Nebbermind the the wind and wedder, We kin dance an' play togedder"

little picaninnies

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Frances Brundage

Frances Isabelle (Lockwood) Brundage was an American illustrator best known for her depictions of attractive and endearing .

(Black Americana Valentine, date unknown   Category:Valentine's Day

One of the rare valentines (from previous eras) featuring black children or adults. Unlike some of the ones from the first half of the century, this one is un-racist (well, comparatively speaking).