matchstick men by wolfgang stiller

Matchstickmen: Burnt Matches Resembling Charred Human Heads by Wolfgang Stiller wood sculpture matches

Matchstick Men

German artist Wolfgang Stiller created an installation of giant matchsticks featuring charred faces sculpted on to the end. Using pieces of lumber and.

If you know me, you know.

This picture is a good example of pattern because you know the zebra stripes keep going throughout the picture. Pattern is when you can predict the shapes or colors.

Mehmet Ali Uysal at Chaudfontaine Park. Belgium

(Clothespin Art - by artist Mehmet Ali Uysal) Writing Prompt: what would happen if someone removed this clothespin? Mehmet Ali Uysal at Chaudfontaine Park.

Kohei Nawa Board

Kohei Nawa

By covering the skin of taxidermy animals with transparent glass spheres, sculptor Kohei Nawa magnifies the underlying surface and distorts the surrounding light to create a pixilated “husk of ligh…

freedom sculpture zenos frudakis - Google zoeken

The Art of Missing Pieces by Bruno Catalano. “Le Grand Van Gogh” - Bruno Catalano’s bronze sculptures. Born in self-taught French artist Bruno Catalano didn’t start sculpting until he was

Oddly Beautiful Wire Sculpture Designs

Perceive Life Differently: Oddly Lifelike Wire Sculptures

As you all probably know after reading my many articles here on Bit Rebels, I am a huge fan of odd, beautiful art.

Gregor Gaidas Aluminum Boys Destroy Art Gallery Floors — Designspiration

Gregor Gaidas' Aluminum Boys Destroy Art Gallery Floors ~ Colossal always finds the coolest art!

Art Tumblr Shadows!

Origami Shadow Faces by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (origami paper and a single light source)

Wish I knew the inspiration behind this and where it is. Like a baby carriage with balloon top...

Like a baby carriage with balloon top.