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pod studio: Ricetta per una scrivania fai da te
DIY computer desk made mostly of IKEA parts, with analog meters for CPU load and a dedicated wiring cabinet to hide unsightly wires on the right.
Idea per mobili fai da te

Recycled Pallet Armchair


Pallet Desk

Pallet Playhouse on Cinder Blocks - made almost entirely out of discarded shipping containers and pallets! +
This awesomely beautiful and simply designed palette wood desk fits your basic needs. It’s not complex and can serve as a study or workstation. The shelves at bottom of the table give you ample storage space to organize and clear away the mess. It’s natural rustic look will kill boredom.

DIY Wonderful Wooden Pallets Ideas

Pallet Desk with Metallic Legs | Pallet Furniture Plans
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