Ramsay Snow sausage Phantom of the . Ok please let Reek get his memory back and kill Ramsey in a horrible death, then he can live out his days on the night's watch

Eh, Dany is more pride but whatever

Game of thrones season 7 funny humour meme, seven deadly sins. Jon Snow, Kit Harington, Jorah Mormont, the Hound

Game of Thrones funny meme

Game of Thrones funny meme Pardon the swearing. This image was just after King Robert asked Arya her name. The only Stark child to be asked by the king. A foreshadowing of the house of black and white?

LOL I didnt see this coming - Game Of Thrones Memes

Thor + Loki = Viserys Targarian (Khaleesi's brother that Khal Drogo killed.with molten gold) LOL.